Since 1925 the Straccali wine estate in Tuscany, founded by its namesake Giulio Straccali, has been in the vanguard of progressive Chianti wine producers. An expert enologist, entrepreneur, farmer and wine producer, Giulio Straccali was above all a man of vision.
Through the wines of Tuscany, he sought to communicate to the rest of the world the scents, colors and flavors of his beloved homeland.
Convinced of the need to protect and nurture the reputation and quality of Chianti wines, Straccali consistently showed a pioneering spirit. He was instrumental in the founding of the Black Rooster Consortium and from 1942 until his death in 1969, he served as Vice President.
In 1978 Italo Zingarelli, founder of the Rocca delle Macie estate in Castellina in Chianti, as part of his long-term business strategy and sharing the same dream set out by Giulio Straccali many decades earlier, purchased the company from the Straccali family.
Today the Straccali Estate is still very proudly owned by the Zingarelli family, managed by Sergio, Italo’s son, with the collaboration of his wife and children Andrea and Giulia.

Our Philosophy

We can resume the connection between Rocca delle Macìe and Straccali as a strong partnership and synergy between the two families Zingarelli and Straccali. Both companies were founded on the Tuscan traditions with the mutual pursuit to maintain the icon of a winemaker, for which Giulio was already at the forefront in the 1940’s when he was not only famous for the way he made wines but also for his intense involvement in the Chianti area dynamics and his great contributions to the process of protecting the Chianti trademark.
Giulio was genuinely active in the Chianti area and he was one of the principal founders of the Chianti Consortium (now Chianti Classico Consortium) and now Sergio, as President of the Chianti Classico Consortium, continues his unfeigned pursuit in this project , supported by Giulio since the inception. At the same time, Sergio is continuing to produce that specific Chianti loved by Giulio back in the 1940’s.

 The Vineyards and Cellar

The vines where the grapes for Straccali Chianti grow are located at  the borders of the designated Chianti Classico area, mostly  in the south-west and included in the province of Siena. While the vineyards have a very  similar predisposition to the quality of the Chianti Classico, they are nevertheless out of the designated area.  Rocca delle Macìe’s technical team manages them in the same manner in which they do each and all of the other vineyards, including the sustainability practices. The vines where the grapes for Straccali Chianti Classico grow are mostly located in vineyards close to the village of San Casciano, pertaining  to an old rental contract, where the soils are characterized by a higher quantity of clay, limestone and sea concrete, giving the wines elegant tannins, salty and fresh flavors. Alfio Auzzi, Rocca delle Macie’s vineyard manager, takes direct care of said vineyards,  following all the decisions in terms of fertilization, treatments, tilling of the soils, new viticulture practices, etc. Luca Francioni, Rocca delle Macìe’s winemaker, takes care of the Straccali wines. He never actually met Giulio but has followed his  style of making  wines since the beginning: wines with strong roots and linked to the territory, with a great drinkability and that leave a pleasant sensation of the region from which they come.

Giulio Straccali

Giulio Straccali, has been at the forefront of progressive chianti wine producers, determining in the founding of the Black Rooster Consortium and from 1942 until his death in 1969, he served as Vice President.

"Wine raises the soul and the mind, and all worries leave the human heart"

Pindaro (518 BC About – 438 BC about)